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Trip to Boracay- Day 3

It was our second to the last day in Boracay. Since Tita Tit’s friends were saying that they were going to go helmet diving, we were going to go island hopping/boating. Kuya Mark wanted to go ATV-ing after our island hopping but it didn’t happen because of the weather.

It was only me, Jas and Kuya Mark at breakfast. Tita and Tito bought pandesal for breakfast. I guess they were sick of Astoria’s buffet.

After breakfast we walked to the beach. There were all these salesmen trying to get us on boats or other touristy activities. Since Kuya Mark gave his word to this one salesman we went with him. Unfortunately, while getting to Bulabog Beach, it took us forever. There was traffic! I guess there was a line of tricycles going to the beach so we stayed in the tricycle for a long time. And, it was squishy. There were koreans in the tricycle in front and in back of us. They got impatient and so they ended up walking. It actually wasn’t a long walk to Bulabog Beach. The only sucky part was that it was very flooded, haha, we got there before them.

Our boat was pretty okay. Their life jackets sucked. I can’t even call it a life jacket. Mine was just styrofoam blocks put into an orange vest. No joke. It totally hurt. But we were required to wear it. UGH.

The boat ride was smooth and fast. It felt pretty good. At least I didn’t get sea sick. There was this designated snorkeling area for the tourists. I mean, every boat had to stop there because it was a great diving/snorkeling spot. It literally smelled fishy. Oh yeah, the boat provided us with snorkels. If we knew we were going snorkeling, we would have brought our own.

Tito Jimmy was the first one to jump into the water. And then it was me. HOLY COW, it was deep. I didn’t realize it was so deep! It looked so shallow when we were on the boat. I thought I HAD to wear the stupid life jacket. Man, when I jumped in, it hurt because the dumb styrofoam blocks, I don’t know. It just hurt. GAH! Stupid blocks.

Anyway, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. The reef was clean and clear. It was so cool. I swear to you, it was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Like I said, it was deep and was just going on and on. There were so many fishes too. It was awesome. I was so sad because my waterproof camera died and I would have killed to have taken pictures.

The thing about boats in Boracay or I guess the Philippines as a whole, is that they have outriggers on them.

THE THING THAT SUCKED was that when I went under the outrigger so that I wouldn’t be in that confined area, OMG, I was being swept to sea! No Joke! I was freaking out because no matter how hard I tried to get back to the outrigger, I wouldn’t budge. I was freaking scared. I was half laughing and half terrified because I was getting farther and farther away from the boat. Jas was laughing at me. I kept saying, “wait, wait, wait, wait…”

It wasn’t the current, it was my stupid life jacket. So the boat men pulled me in using a bamboo pole. -_______________-’ Ah, I swear I would’ve crapped in my pants.

Jas went into the water and we were just treading water for a while because I was afraid I was going to float away again. I took off my dumb life jacket though. SO UGHH! You know, my sister got the REAL life jacket. Hers was top of the line kind of jacket. You can see the difference in the pictures. JEEZ.

Jas started to float away but since I was there, I helped her. Because of that she felt what I was feeling earlier.

Other than that sucky part, the snorkeling was very good. I would do it again.

While we were in the water a man on a boat was selling ice cream for 15 pesos. I would’ve bought one because who can resist ice cream?!

I thought that we were done with the island hopping but when we were passing Bulabog beach, I guess we weren’t done. BUT HOLY COW it started to pouring. Real hard. Since me and kuya and I were sitting in the front we got wet the most. Actually, I got wet the most. I wanted to because I felt kind of sticky after swimming. It was raining a lot and It was kind of scary because you couldn’t really see in front of you. Man, I wish I took pictures of that too. I felt this vibe from Tita that she was kind of uneasy about it. Haha, it was funny.

When the rain did stop, we were passing I guess, more upscale beachfront hotels of Boracay. The views were amazing. We stopped at a beach near Puka Shell Beach and we ate lunch there. The food was okay. Tita Tits was not happy about the prices though. I mean, it was overpriced. I didn’t like eating there because I was wet and sticky. Maybe I would’ve liked it if I was dry. And there were women hassling to buy pearl necklaces while we were eating. Ah, Tito and Kuya were lifesavers.

Someone was selling ice cream on the beach. I wanted to buy…but I didn’t. Ugh.

The boat ride back was relaxing and I think everyone was just soaking it all in. There was a little drizzle though, but no big deal.

Boracay is beautiful, no doubt.

When we got back to the hotel we were actually all exhausted. It was about 1 in the afternoon when we got back. Since we were leaving the next day we needed to clean and pack up all our souvenirs. So.. all of our clothes were dirty or wet. I checked how much it would have cost to have it all cleaned (mind you, its mine and my sister’s clothes) it would have been more than 1000 pesos. So I read their available amenities and I saw that dry cleaning is FREE.

You know I what I did? I took all our dirty laundry and bought a whole bar of laundry soap and some packages of downy and I washed our clothes in the bathtub. It took me a while but I washed our clothes. Before that, I made super duper sure that it was free no matter the amount of clothes it was. I couldn’t ring it out too well so it was pretty heavy in the bag. Hahah, I still feel guilty. The great thing was they folded it super nicely and when they gave it to us it was still warm. Don’t you love that feeling?

In the mid-afternoon, Tita and Tito were taking a siesta so then the three of us went walking around. We were actually hungry so then jas bought samalamig and shumai which was pretty good and then I bought kuya and myself a cheeseburger. It was the worst burger ever. I dont even think I can call it a burger. And I bought a cheese twistix, which took so long to cook! Kuya was saying not to eat too much because we were going to eat dinner soon.

After our merienda, kuya went back to their room and then me and jas ate our twistix and watched tv and cleaned up before heading off to dinner.

Tita and Tito were hanging out with her HS friends so the three of us had to meet them at Shakey’s for dinner. I couldn’t believe it was our last night in Boracay. Dinner was good. We had a ton of food. Mojo’s and wings and pizza! Haha, Tita pronounced menu as ‘meh-nu’ and buffalo wings as ‘boof-fa-low wings’. The pizza was salty so I just kept on eating the mojos and wings.

When we were done with dinner Tita wanted to go back to the hotel because Tayong Dalawa was playing and she didn’t want to miss it.

Oh man, while walking back to the hotel it started to rain, but it wasn’t heavy. Then it became windy all of a sudden and things were flying everywhere. People were screaming. Haha, it was funny. There were these group of koreans screaming and then all of a sudden a fish hit one of them in the face. Holy moly. Things were intense. So then we took cover in a bank. It was so weird because it was such a small area and there were a lot of us in there. We stayed in the bank for a while until the rain and wind calmed down.

The hotel was kind of far still but Jas and I went first and we thought that Tita and Kuya were following us but come to find out they weren’t. So when we finally reached the hotel, I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll go find them after I use the bathroom’ but when I was rushing out the door to go look for them I saw Kuya Mark and Tita Tits walking very carefully across the wet ground of the hotel. It was still raining hard and Tito was actually still at Shakey’s waiting it out.

I think it was around 9 when Jas and I were settled down in our hotel room. We needed to leave the hotel at 6 the next morning because our flight back to Manila was at 1030 ish. So we cleaned up our hotel room and packed everything up while watching tv.

It was an eventful second to the last day in Boracay. I didn’t want to leave.

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